VinSite is an application that allows a wine sales representative to take orders in real-time using a tablet computer. They can enter an order into the system as fast as it is given by their client.

They take an order while viewing the current inventory, the account’s ordering history, and their current back orders.

This eliminates the paper work and has the added benefit of allowing them to instantly offer alternatives to items that are out of stock. 

Once the order is created it can be sent to a server with a click of a button, emailed, or faxed.

Importantly, while taking an order an internet connection is not required! This is important because many wine shops do not have a good internet connection.

The order is taken while viewing only the items the account carries, making reorders quick and efficient.

The up-to-date, easily searchable inventory window is also a very important sales tool.

The system also has account management features with contact information, order history and the ability to attach notes to the account or to an order.  Again with fast searching and sorting on any column.

VinSite also has many reports like the account’s prior year verses year-to-date sales numbers, last order information, and current outstanding back orders.

Other functionality makes it easy to take an on-hand inventory while in an account, track shelf-talker requests, and manage account credits. The system can handle complex pricing involving taxes, case deals, geography, or other discount logic.

There is also a corresponding full featured website that has all of these features and you can provide your accounts with a link to allow them to enter their own orders.

There is also a corresponding web site that has all of these features and allows an account to enter their own orders.

  View a short video showing the features of VinSite.

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